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This site is powered by htmx, Nunjucks, and the Spaceflight News API (SNAPI).

You can access the source code for this website on GitHub.


While htmx is designed to work best with hypermedia responses, this website intends to serve as a proof-of-concept that demonstrates how htmx can also be used to effectively handle JSON responses.

I created this because I feel there is a lack of comprehensive examples for managing JSON responses using htmx today.



Here, you'll find htmx examples of UX pattens for page loading, e.g. pagination, load more pagination, and infinite scrolling, all seamlessly integrated with JSON responses using client-side templates.

On top of that, this site offers a demonstration of how a search bar can interact with JSON API using htmx.


Created by The Space Devs (TSD), the Spaceflight News API is a great resource for developers who want to add the latest spaceflight news to their apps.

It is a free API, but I do encourage users to support them through their Patreon to keep the API up and running.